About us | Pet Treats for Delivery

The Beginning

2020 happened...I'm sure by this point you all know what that means. Back in March we were forced to temporarily close our cafe, Zebra Coffee Co, which resulted in us being locked down at home for weeks & while trying to figure out our next move we landed on brownies. 

Back in 2013 when Zebra opened we started selling Rocky Road, but after a couple of years we perfected our brownie and blondie recipe & they ended up flying out the door. This is why we decided to bring the human brownies to you, through Gimmie Brownies (www.gimmiebrownies.com), at home while we were stuck with nothing to do as Miss Rona decided she was going to take over for a while. 

During this time we realised that our own fur babies were missing out on these delicious treats and we couldn't stop them from having their very own brownies. This is how we came up with Pet-friendly 'Pawsome' Brownies, we have two wonderful puppers. Taco, the Working Cocker, and Belle, the Cockapoo, (as I'm sure you've realised we do love our food!) These two love the pet brownies and so we couldn't keep them to ourselves so now you can have them delivered to your front door too!


Environmentally Friendly

We try to be as sustainable as possible.

Our pet brownies are wrapped in greaseproof paper to seal in the gooeyness. Some grease-proof paper is recyclable and some isn’t. It’s often difficult to tell, as the manufacturer doesn’t always declare how it is made. We are searching for a supplier of suitable grease-proof paper that is recyclable. 

The brownies are shipped in an eco friendly cardboard box, to reduce the risk of damage in transit. 

All boxes are:

  • Made from 70% recycled materials
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • Re-usable (if you want to)